What do you want to know about me?

I'm a freelancer with years of experience in Web Design, Development, Consulting and tech startups. I build websites for all kinds of clients. This page is a bit more about me, and not just about the work I do.

Just so you know a little bit about me, my name is Jamie Warren,

I am 27 years old and I was born in East London. I've also lived in Dubai and was a UAE resident for 4+ years.
About a year ago I moved back to London from the United Arab Emirates. I am based in East London and currently have my office based in South London, Bermondsey. I spend most of my days at the office or travelling around central London. I have been offering Web Design in London for the past 6 months. Before that I was freelancing mostly in Dubai.

I am available to work on new projects at the moment, if you would like to discuss this with me, then please do get in touch!

What else do I do?

I'm proud to say, I am not the stereotypical web developer who sits in a dark room and never sleeps, I do in fact have a social life.. Kind of. Outside of web design I run a tech company and we're currently in the process of launching 2 new apps. Cheddr & Brunch Buddies. You can find out more about these at the bottom of this page.

Outside of working hours I do also have some hobbies. I think it's fair to share as much information about me as possible so here are a few of them!

I've started walking.. A LOT

I actually just set up a direct debit with the national trust, so I can visit all their houses and estates and parks. It's crazy I know, but thanks to my girlfriend I'm actually losing weight!


It's something I have not done for a while, but I do enjoy travelling. I've been to Italy, Spain, Dubai, Singapore, Abu Dhabi & many more places!


Pick a card.. any card... (it was the ace of spades wasn't it). I've been practicing card tricks since I was 8 years old. I love performing tricks to friends and family!


I've been a christian for 10 years now. I go to church most sundays and I currently go to Hillsong and split my time between their London & Guildford campus.